Covid: Can We Ever Hit Herd Immunity?

As the massive vaccine rollout winds down, the new question is, can we get to herd immunity?

Those on the left are worried that we will come up short, setting the stage for another wave of the virus.

Right now, 44% of Americans have received at least one shot, with 31% fully vaccinated. (Side note: it's remarkable how readily available the answers are to any Covid questions when you search on-line)

The target range for herd immunity across the U.S. is somewhere between 60-80%. The fact that we are not there yet, and the demand for the vaccine has dwindled has led to a vaccine and media blitz on television and radio, while also triggering 'vaccine shaming' for those who are still hesitant to get the shot.

Dr. Edward Rensimer, an infectious disease specialist here in Houston told KTRH, "We may not reach herd immunity to the original Covid virus because it will have come and gone, and so the whole goal that we seemed to be focused on about herd immunity I think is a misdirection.

In a candid conversation, Dr. Rensimer made several key points that you will likely not hear on mainstream media.

Covid was new, and so our bodies had to adjust. But now that we've had it? The natural process of our God given immune system is the disease weakens, it doesn't get stronger. And as Dr. Rensimer pointed out, the virus wants to stay alive, not kill itself.

The other factor is that there are millions of Americans across the country who have had Covid and didn't know it that aren't being counted. Or, for the millions that have had it, they're immune system is ready to handle it.

And what about the other big fear that is being used for masks and lockdowns? The new variants? Dr. Rensimer says "viruses will tend to mutate down in terms of danger, and lethality and that is just something that no one is talking about."

So the reality is, just like we knew a year ago, the fear mongering has been completely unnecessary.

"There's room for optimism and hope" Dr. Rensimer said, "In fact we should be optimistic and hopeful because we are way through the worst part of this."

Meanwhile, we are still on Code Red here in Harris County.

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