Concerns Raised Over Government Flying Illegal Immigrants Across Country

Republican lawmakers are raising concerns the Biden administration is shipping illegal immigrants all across the country without any identification.

Airline travelers are noticing more illegal immigrants being put on flights out of the Rio Grande Valley, supposedly to send them to processing centers across the country. However, none of them appear to have proper identification. Some Congressional Republicans, like New York Representative John Katko, say that's a security risk. Maria Espinoza, at The Remembrance Project, which advocates for families of those killed by illegals, agrees.

“They’re not required to have a COVID test or wear a mask,” Espinoza said. “Some of these individuals tested positive, and they’ve been released into our communities, and we just don’t know where they’re going.”

Espinoza says the American taxpayer is likely paying for those trips. She says Texas alone spends tens of billions of dollars every year on illegal immigrants. Espinoza and Thomas Homan, who was the acting director of ICE under President Trump, plan to talk about these concerns and the wider surge of illegal immigrants at the border on Thursday.

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