Legislature considering cocktails to go, 7-day liquor sales

The Texas legislature is talking some alcohol-related issues this session, one of which has passed, and others that could change weekends around here. Grab a glass and take a seat.

A statewide poll would indicate the state legislators are taking a cue from the public. Distilled Spirits Council of the United States, which goes by the awesome name DISCUS, asked Texas voters what they think about drinking. (hint: about 2/3 like it for the most part)

65% support cocktails to go

65% support 7-day sales at liquor stores and craft distilleries

65% want to buy more than two bottles per person per month at craft distilleries

61% would be happy to hold local elections to vote on 7-day sales in their community

There are only seven states left than don’t allow alcohol purchases when the mood moves you. Texas is one of them, but HB 937 is fixing to remedy that problem regarding Sunday closures. And in the event not everyone wants that in their neighborhood, SB 1013 and HB 2232, would put it up for a vote in local elections.

Why on earth, someone rhetorically asks from the far end of the bar, can I only purchase two bottles of fine craft distillery products per month when I have a large family of connoisseurs needing gifts in December at Christmas? HB 4238 would rectify that and rescue a pandemicly-challenged industry needing relief, opening up the number of bottles each Texan could buy. Sam Houston would be proud.

DISCUS says you need to call your state legislators, both House and Senate, and let them know how you feel. You might also want to call the Governor. The Texas legislature has already passed cocktails-to-go and sent it on to Governor Abbott for his signature.

Anybody got a pen?

photo: Getty images

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