President Biden Reportedly Considering Food Stamp Expansion

The Biden administration isn't done proposing massive amounts of money for social programs.

The president is reportedly, quietly preparing a plan to increase food stamps for tens of millions. However, he's not working with Congress to do it. Instead, it’s said the White House has the Department of Agriculture looking at changing a rule known as the market basket, which could determine who gets food stamps and how much.

“The issue here is we’re talking about advancing the program well up into the middle class. That’s not the purpose of government. The purpose of government should be to help those who can’t help themselves,” Michael Tanner, a senior fellow and social welfare researcher at the Cato Institute, said. “Not simply to spread it around to as many people as possible in order to build constituencies.”

Tanner told KTRH he takes exception to the way this White House is addressing social and domestic issues.

“The Biden administration sort of has only one response to every problem, and that is to spend more money. To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. To the Biden administration, every problem looks like an opportunity to spend more money,” Tanner explained.

Fiscal conservatives are concerned about the growth of the welfare state under this administration.

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