How Activism In Everything Has Transformed National Life Into A Pantomime

In this age of social media, everyone also wants to be a social activist. Both are not good.

The left, the so-called party of 'love, tolerance, and inclusion' spends pretty much every single day calling names, and protesting.

University of Houston Professor Jacquie Baly, a political expert told KTRH, "You rarely will see Republican elected officials act like (D) Maxine Waters, who says confrontation is what you need to do,"

But with help and support from the mainstream media, the left continue their attacks day after day.

The question now becomes, will it ever stop? Or is this the new normal?

Baly, like a lot of Republicans, believes that Senator Tim Scott may have turned the tide last week when he gave the GOP rebuttal after President Biden's speech to Congress.

"A lot of the things he said resinated with a lot of us, and not everyone in America is racist. The response from the left was to call him all kinds of negative things."

So rather than take the two wrongs and try to make a right approach, Republicans are better served in speaking the truth in love.

Baly also said the Democrats might want to rethink their strategy. Even though their voice is loud, thanks to the corporate media, the silent majority came out in force during the election to support Donald Trump. And most believe, even Democrats, that will be the case again next year in the mid-terms.

But the other serious consequence of this one sided attack on conservatives? Baly said it's the left's assault on our police force. "What I really fear for is our law enforcement officers. If you have 'defunding' you're going to turn us into a 3rd world country."

Sadly, in some blue states, it's already happened.

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