Critics Say President Biden Overlooking Key Foreign Policy Issues

President Biden appears to be keeping his primary focus on domestic issues, but some are worried he's overlooking numerous problems brewing overseas.

Economic relief, vaccine rollout, infrastructure. All words you're likely to have heard the president say recently. What you’re not as likely to hear are words like China, North Korea, or Iran. Many Americans may not be aware the Secretary of State will soon travel to Ukraine to show U.S. support as the Russians amass troops along their border.

Rodger Baker, as strategic analyst for Stratfor, a RANE company, sees one potential concern with the Biden administration when it comes to negotiating with any foreign power.

“Usually, in these broader, great power competitions, you sometime subsume some of your human rights or political rights concerns to be able to work with allies who don’t necessarily match your own concepts of Democracy. That’s going to be challenging with this administration because of the component within it that’s really interested in those social and democratic issues,” Baker said.

Baker argues the biggest player that could shape U.S. Foreign policy in the years and decades to come is China. Baker says the U.S. is now beginning to see China as a competitor, and it's possible there could be a future conflict in the South China Sea over Taiwan.

Critics say President Biden should be addressing in detail how he plans to deal with top foreign issues. Even some progressives aren't satisfied with his foreign policy. They would like to see him lift sanctions on Cuba, Venezuela, and Syria.

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