Vaccination Success in Galveston

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry announced Saturday (5-1-2021) how his county has given out 250 thousand vaccinations and now the demand is falling off. The judge says it's time to make a move. "Galveston County has reached a milestone of about 250,000 people vaccinated. But, in the recent past, our demand has fallen off. For example, Walter Hall Park in League City was set up to accommodate about 5,000 vaccinations a day, and now we're seeing about 400."

Judge Henry is happy with their numbers, and says now it would be better to transition the remaining doses to private facilities that are equipped for lower numbers of doses a day. "We're going to now transition out of a mass vaccination program and direct people back to places like doctors' offices, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics. The demand we're seeing now can easily be handled in those types of locations."

photo: Getty Images

Mass Covid-19 Vaccinations

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