What The Border Crisis Is Costing You?

As the Biden border crisis continues, so do the daily costs, to deal with the flood of illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden refuses to even acknowledge the crisis that he created, let alone pay a visit. And the 'Border Czar'? Vice President Kamala Harris has now gone 40 days without a news conference to discuss it.

"VP Harris was named the point person, and she immediately acted like she was handed a live hand grenade" said Texas Senator John Cornyn.

So much for transparency.

Governor Greg Abbott continues to keep up the pressure on the Biden administration telling Fox News, "The deal I want to cut is, Texas will secure the border, and the Biden administration will pay for it."

Great idea, but unfortunately right now, it's we the taxpayers that are paying for it.

How much are we talking? Unfortunately, the Biden administration is not being transparent with that either, hiding the real numbers from Republicans.

Steven Camarota from the Center For Immigration Studies told KTRH, "The Biden administration has not released those costs, but the things we have seen suggest that it's already been over $500 million dollars, spent on detention, processing, and transportation."

And if you think the buck stops with the federal government? Think again! Camarota says the burden that we will all have to pay locally is much more.

"We know there are long term costs" Camarota says "For schools, health care, and social services. Now those costs run into the billions every year. Plus, illegal immigrants received over $4 billion dollars in stimulus checks, so there is a big impact on taxpayers."

The Biden border crisis continues.

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