The Majority Support Requiring ID To Vote – Black Radio Ads Call You Racist

In football when you have a play that's working, you keep running it.

The Democrats to their credit are doing just that.

When they don't like something? Or something isn't going their way? Just cry racism!

It worked in Georgia, where MLB pulled the All-Star Game (even though the laws in Joe Biden's home state of Delaware are much more restrictive).

And now they are at it again here in Texas after the voter integrity law SB 7 made it through the senate.

The Houston Chronicle's nameless editorial board played the race card as well. And a group calling themselves 'Black Voters Matter' purchased air-time to run commercials, calling Republicans "Trump extremists" and "cowards". So much for love, tolerance, and inclusion.

If you take :30 seconds to actually read the laws, you will clearly see they are anything but 'suppression'. In fact, not implementing the laws actually takes away from legitimate votes.

And for the lazy left narrative that voter fraud is just "a big lie"? It's a lie except for times like that U.S. congressional race that was overturned a couple of years ago, because of voter fraud! And they also failed to mention that here in Texas, active voter fraud prosecutions are at an all time high.

Political scholar Hans von Spakovsky told KTRH, "they actually are the ones who are exhibiting a patronizingly racist attitude, because you're somehow saying that black American's can't get the same free ID that every state hands out as white American's can, and I can't think of anything more racist than that."

And quoting Mark Robinson, the first ever black Lieutenant Governor in North Carolina on the criticism of the voter integrity laws, "This doesn't have anything to do with justice, it has everything to do with power. Folks on the other side think this is a way of scaring voters, and getting them to vote for them."

And with no accountability, along with the compliant corporate media, the lies will continue.

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