Tubing is Back on Texas Rivers

Folks are heading to New Braunfels to jump and on a tube and float lazily down the Guadalupe or Comal Rivers. Tubing is back in ’21, and we’re gonna party like it’s 2019.

Coley Reno owns Texas Tubes in New Braunfels, and he’s got his party hat on. “As far as Covid 19 restrictions, everything has opened up. We are able to run shuttles just like it’s 2019 again,” he tells KTRH News.

Late June last year an order from Governor Abbott restricted river activities as Covid numbers rose, and 2020 tubing season was brought to a halt with jobs lost and people cooped up indoors yearning to be free.

Freedom is here.

Crawling out from a year of what brought something close to financial ruin for many, the river outfitters are geared up for a busy season. By the time restrictions were lifted last October the season was over.

It’s just beginning, and the river is calling.

“Our rules for the river that were in place before that, things like no glass, no Styrofoam, on this river you can’t take any disposable containers, those rules are still in place. We’re pretty much back to 2019,” Reno says.

Outdoors, in the sunshine, covid requirements are gone and pre-covid conditions have returned. Masks may be required by shuttle operators depending on capacity but once in the free air and sunshine liberation awaits.

The $2 river access fee remains in effect for all but New Braunfels residents.

Be aware that there is construction that’s popped up and some parking areas are limited or closed.

But we are gonna party like is 2019!

photo: Getty Images

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