The Vaccine Wall – Basically, Everybody Who Wants To Get Vaccinated Has

As we approach May 1st, and the 100 day mark for President Joe Biden, the big question is, have we hit a vaccine wall?

Joe Biden said he hope that every adult in the U.S. would be eligible to receive the vaccine by May 1st.

Governor Greg Abbott said during the week, "Normal life is returning to Texas as more Texans get the Covid vaccine. And remember, vaccines are always voluntary, never forced."

At least for now.

The most recent numbers show that nationwide 30% of our population has been vaccinated, with a little over 25% here in Texas.

The surprising number here in Houston? Over 50,000 have not returned for their 2nd shot. And the demand for doses has also dropped. So much so that Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is planning to offer free gift cards to try and get people to get vaccine shots.

And then, there's the mask issue. If the vaccine works so well, why the double masking and social distancing?

Phil Manger of American Thinker told KTRH that we should celebrate Biden's first 100 days in office by masking -off-.

"They keep changing the goal-posts, and I'm just tired of it" Manger said. "Biden asked for 100 days, and I think we should all take of our masks. I don't think they do any good."

What happened to "follow the science"?

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