Maybe kids WON'T be getting Covid vaccinations

The country continues to rollout the Covid vaccines and many parents are not jumping at the chance. Three quarters of U.S. parents say they will either not vaccinate their kids for Covid - or will wait. Dr. Joe Galati says as a physician he believes in the vaccines, but respects these parents' rights. "We are the Land of the Free. There are certainly all types of people with all types of beliefs. If you have a personal reason not to do it, that's fine. That's your opinion." Dr. Galati has this suggestion for them. "Make sure that the decisions you make are truly rooted in good information and not something mythical."

Data miner Invisibly finds that three quarters of American parents polled say they are not planning to have their children vaccinated immediately. Some say they want to wait and others don't want them vaccinated at all. Dr. Joe Galati says he respects these parents' decisions, but sees a challenge at hand. "You don't want people to make these decisions on false assumptions. That is what I see as the biggest challenge as a physician." Invisibly discovered that the older the parents, the less likely they were to have their kids vaccinated.

Only 25% of parents said they would have their children vaccinated immediately.

photo: Getty Illustrations

Three quarters of American parents are not having their child vaccinated immediately.

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