Biden’s Halting Border Wall Construction Could Result in Deadly Flooding

Texans in the Rio Grande Valley warn President Biden’s halting construction on the border wall could result in deadly floods.

Thousands in Texas border communities could get flooded out during the next big storm due to four breaches in the dirt levee along the Rio Grande. Portions of the levee (which protects residents from big storms) were flattened to make way for Trump's wall, but when President Biden suspended all projects, the breaks remained flattened. Officials with the International Boundary and Water Commission are voicing their concern.

“We’ve reiterated to the [U.S. Army] Core of Engineers and U.S. Customs and Border Protection the immediate importance of providing flood protection to the local community. The hurricane season starts June 1, so something needs to be done soon,” Sally Spener, Spokesperson for U.S. Section of the IBWC, said.

Spener adds those levees have helped protect Texans for decades.

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