Border Crisis: Texas Has Apprehended 800 Criminals Via Operation Lone Star

As the border crisis continues without any help from Washington, it has become 'Operation Lone Star' for the lone star state.

Started by Governor Greg Abbott in March, because somebody had to do something! The Texas National Guard, along with the Texas DPS have arrested 800 criminals, while confiscating all kinds of drugs, like 3,800 pounds of marijuana, and and 19 pounds of cocaine.

Chris Cabrerra, a border patrol agent, as well as the vice president of the national border patrol council told KTRH that 'Operation Lone Star' has made a difference.

"We're getting a lot of help from the state of Texas in general, whether it's DPS or the National Guard. This week, they spotted a child in the river drowning and they saved her life, so these guys are already making a big impact down here."

That's the good news, and it's good for Texas. Unfortunately, as Cabrerra points out, "I think it's a great thing as Texan. But as a federal employee and border patrol agent, it's kind of embarrassing that the state of Texas has to step in and do the job the federal government won't do."

And to say the Biden administration would be an understatement. It's been over a month since the President put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the border. Both have still not been there, and Harris refuses to even talk about it or take questions from the media.

"It's shocking" Cabrerra says, "I think for both the President and the Vice President to have not come down here and see for themselves. Unfortunately, nobody that has the power to fix this has taken a look. To me, it's shameful." Governor Abbott recently sent President Biden and VP Harris a letter, calling on the White House to designate the Mexican drug cartels as terrorists.
The wait continues, as the border crisis continues.

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