Where Does Texas Stand On Protest Laws?

With the Derek Chauvin case now behind us, President Biden said that the year of rioting and protesting brought the nation together.

Here in Texas, some lawmakers see things a little differently.

After a summer filled with rioting and looting that left properties destroyed, and first responders injured, state Senate Bill 912 has been introduced by (R) Senator Dawn Buckingham, who felt like something had to be done.

"Some of the liberal DA's refused to prosecute any of the rioters, and so that where my outrage came in to play" Buckingham told KTRH. "I felt horrible for these small businesses that we burned, looted, and completely destroyed."

And so now with Senate Bill 912, which has received bipartisan support, if passed would make rioting a felony.

"We're here to say in Texas we're going to have firm consequences, and we are very excited to get these protections not only for first responders, but also for our folks whose property is destroyed during a riot" Buckingham said.

Needless to say, the 'woke' crowd is not happy with the bill, just like the voter integrity laws. But Buckingham says she has to keep fighting the good fight, "There's always criticism and backlash, just look on social media. But I believe in standing in the fire to protect the citizens of Texas, and I will continue to do that regardless of the criticism that is out there."

Senate Bill 912 could hit the floor sometime this week in Austin.


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