Why A Long Hot Summer Could Leave Texans In The Dark

Just when you thought it was safe to turn your air conditioner back on...

ERCOT is back in the news, warning of possible power outages and blackouts in the summer.

We thought, after February's epic winter storm, we would never see a power failure like we did in Texas ever again. But just last week, on a mild spring day, Texan's received a conservation warning.

"Very surprised" said David Holt, President of the Consumer Energy Alliance. "I think everyone remains a bit befuddled frankly, at the Texas power grid system. There was a big series of missteps during the February freeze."

One that was supposed to be fixed by the state legislature. But so far, there's just been a lot of hot air.

All the experts agree that there needs to be some kind of back-up plan in place. But what plan? And who pays for it?

You've heard the name Warren Buffet. The billionaire's Berkshire Hathaway has come up with a plan for backup power at the cost of $8 billion dollars. That cost would then be passed on to consumers.

"All Texans here in 2021 should not be looking at blackouts" Holt told KTRH, "especially when we're the leading oil and gas producer in the world."

And yet for some reason, they can't figure out a way to make sure that there is power in reserve.

ERCOT is comparing this summer to 2011, with drought conditions, excessive heat, low winds, and possible outages. But David Holt says they need to get back on the grid, before they finish up in Austin.

"ERCOT is charged, and has long been proud of itself for being one of the regulatory leaders in the nation" Holt said. "But ERCOT is now charged with making sure that Texas has reliable, and affordable energy. So they've got to get that fixed."

It kind of feels like February in April.

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