Trust In Media Is At An All-Time Low

In -not- breaking news, trust in the media is at an all-time low.

A new study shows that Americans want journalists to be more than just watchdogs.

What started out as a funny tag line from former President Trump has now become our new reality. Fake news.

"Media credibility has been cratering for a long time" said Jeffrey McCall, media studies professor at DePauw University. "A lot of people wanted to blame Trump, but the media decline was well in place well before President Trump showed up and started criticizing the media."

And rightfully so. Mainstream media outlets have become corporate outlets, promoting only one side of the story. The left, even if it's not the truth.

That point was hammered home a few weeks ago on the :60 Minutes hit piece on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. McCall told KTRH it was a new low, "The :60 Minutes blunder was a real mistake, and the sad thing is CBS did nothing to undo the damage. They were proud of what they had done, and that says a lot about the state of the establishment media today."

But even though it has become so blatant, McCall says the poll points out that Americans still know the truth. FOX News with the #1 rating reflects that.

So what should we do moving forward? McCall says it's as simple as not watching. "It's sad because we can't gather the news ourselves. But we're going to have to use our heads, and be our own media critics."

And keep your radios locked on to KTRH!

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