If you need a Side Gig, UBER needs you!

UBER is in need of more drivers because their demand is exceeding their supply of drivers on call. They are offering incentives including sign-up bonuses. Michelle Castro of Texas Workforce Solutions says she's not surprised because the hospitality industry is coming back in the Houston area. "Leisure and Hospitality having job openings is a really good sign for our economy because they were the first hit and the hardest hit." UBER depends upon bars, hotels, restaurants and airports for their riders. Plus --- people are still avoiding public transportation so they're using ride-sharing as well. Besides that, Food delivery alone jumped 150% from last March.

UBER's total monthly bookings, including both food delivery and passenger service, reached an all-time high in March, 2021, and their stock price is up 5%. Their demand is exceeding the number of their on-call drivers. Castro says she knows their demand is up because they depend upon hospitality businesses in the Houston area...and these businesses are coming back and need people as well. "That was about 12,000 that came online in March in the leisure and hospitality sector in the Greater Houston area."

UBER is giving over 250 million dollars over the next few months in driver sign-up incentives.

To apply to become an UBER driver, click here.

Photo: Getty Images

UBER driver with GPS

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