You may be surprised at what your ISD's Superintendent makes!

The latest list of Texas ISD superintendent salaries is out. Schools still our School District's Superintendent could be paid more than the president. The University of Houston's Dr. Klussmann was Superintendent of Spring Branch ISD for 11 years, has the range. "Some areas are in the low $100,000s in a smaller, rural area. Then they go up into the $400,000 to $450,000 range." Dr. Klussman says the responsibilities are enormous and they have thousands of people working under them.

Texas ISD Superintendents Cashing In

"Most superintendents feel completely responsible for everything that happens in their district. When something good happens, you want the people - especially teachers - involved to be recognized get the recognition they deserve. When things don't go well, you feel really responsible for it." If you look at their 365 day-24-hour-a-day type of responsibility, and you compare it to the private sector, their pay would be significantly be behind what they would be paid in the private sector."

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ISD Students

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