Why Is The Supreme Court Waiting On The Big Conservative Cases?

It was the good news for conservatives right before what turned out to be a really bad election.

The swearing in of Amy Coney Barrett as a new associate justice of the Supreme Court.

Since the end of October, conservatives have held a decisive edge of 6-3. But where are the big wins?

So far, the only notable action by the Supreme Court was when they turned their backs on President Trump, refusing to acknowledge the massive evidence of voter fraud, and even more importantly do what they're supposed to, and that's uphold the constitution!

In the meantime, Joe Biden and the Democrats, as predicted by...everyone, now want to pack the Supreme Court in their favor. And political analyst and longtime attorney Gary Polland told KTRH he thinks he might know why.

"I think you have to look at what's really going on behind the news" Polland said. "The threats made by Democrats. Those threats have impacted the Court, especially the chief justice, and there is a reluctance now to take strong stands while this threat is hanging out there."

Joe Biden ramped up that threat last week when he signed yet another executive order (he's signed more this early than any other president ever) calling for a six month bipartisan study of the Supreme Court. This is the same Joe Biden who said in the past that packing the Supreme Court was quote "a bonehead idea" end quote.

Polland says a Democrat not keeping his word should not be a surprise. "He called it a bonehead idea then because his fear was, it would be packed with conservatives. But if you give him the option of packing it with liberals, and radical leftists, then he's for it, which continues to show the monumental hypocrisy of Joe Biden."

As for those big issues like abortions, guns, and even Texas vs. California? Polland believes they will probably happen around election time.

And speaking of election, as Polland points out, all of this is a great reminder of this truth. Elections have consequences. Legitimate or not.

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