Covid: When Will Everyone Be Vaccinated?

So much for Texas being in "imminent danger"! Sorry Dr. Fauci.

Not only are Covid numbers plummeting, the vaccine rollout is going better than expected.

The big question now is? When will we hit 'herd immunity'?

Most experts believe it will be sometime this summer, including infectious disease expert Patty Olinger who told KTRH, "We're approaching 30% of the vaccination-population rate. They want to get to between 70-90% for herd immunity."

So far, the supply has kept up with the demand. But there was that little problem this week with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which has now been put on hold after 6 women came down with blood clots. One of them died.

Is that a concern for Olinger? "No, and I did have the J&J vaccine, and I worked for Pfizer at one point in my career." Olinger says that out of approximately 7 million doses, 6 people is a low percentage. But she understands why they're being cautious.

As for reports that some, including people of color, are still reluctant to get the vaccine? Olinger says "People have always been a little weary, and rightfully so" adding that if you have any concerns? You should talk to your doctor. "We need to do that more" she says.

In the meantime, as more and more people continue to get the vaccine, and the Covid numbers drop. For some reason beyond comprehension? Harris County remains on Code Red.

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