Cancel Culture: Two-Thirds Of Americans Believe Cancel Culture Is A Threat

It's become a top story just about every single day. Even more so now than Covid.

What is it? Cancel culture.

"It's everywhere, they're coming for everybody" says Fox News contributor Elizabeth Ames. "A few years ago people laughed when President Trump said they would come after the founding fathers. Well, now the founding father's are being cancelled! Where is the end to this?" she asks, "Woke is now a religion."

It seems that way. A new study shows that not only do the majority of Americans acknowledge 'cancel culture' in our society. They also see it as a legitimate threat to our freedom.

So if that's the case, why are we still allowing it?

It's the old 'squeaky wheel' syndrome. Ames believes that the majority of Americans still want the best for our country, but that it's the minority on social media that has the loudest voice.

"The hopeful side of this is that the country is not quite as 'woke' as the media would like you to believe" Ames told KTRH. But in the meantime, as we continue to deal with this split in our nation, we are setting ourselves up with our nations seeking our downfall. "We're ignoring real threats from China and Russia right now that are truly scary", "We're fighting each other and China is eating our lunch."

Simply put, Ames says "the woke need to wake up."

Cancel Culture Symbol

Cancel Culture Symbol