Report: Top Biden Official Pondering Restarting Border Wall Construction

President Biden’s head of Homeland Security is reportedly considering resuming construction of the border wall.

One of President Biden’s first acts in office in January was to halt all construction of Trump's border wall. Now, according to a report from The Washington Times, he's own head of Homeland Security is thinking about restarting it. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas visited the southern border this week, where thousands of illegal immigrants have been walking into the country.

“This is not people sneaking past the border patrol, or at night digging under the wall,” Curtis Collier, the president of U.S. Border Watch, said. “Some of the best pictures I’ve seen from border simply are from just vast numbers of people walking in the same direction.”

Amid a record-setting surge that doesn't appear anywhere close to being under control, Mayorkas is considering filling in those “gaps” in the wall. Collier says constructing the wall won't fix all the Biden administration’s immigration problems by itself. However, he believes building the wall is vital.

“We don’t have the agents on the border to respond, because they’re all back changing diapers and feeding children, and making sure that there’s no problems within the detention centers themselves,” Collier explained.