Conservatives Fight Back: Things We Can Live Without

Big tech censorship, cancel culture, woke-ism. The left is having a field day while conservatives continue to get crushed. So much for love and tolerance.

But with our nation now slipping through our fingertips, many are calling on conservatives to stand up for what they believe in (and what is right), and push back.

And it's not just 'older' people.

Gabe Kaminsky is a young and upcoming writer for The Federalist, who points out the 'boycott' is not a bad word.

"If the right does not begin to start boycotting companies and organizations that clearly have signaled their support for the Democratic party, we're going to awake to a world where every corporation is fundamentally against us."

This is all in response to the 200 companies that joined Major League Baseball in criticizing the new voter integrity laws in Georgia. Similar laws will soon be passed here in Texas, leaving the question, when is all of this going to stop?

"I think conservatives have been content for too long and they need to wake up" Kaminsky says. "If they don't we will lose this country. It will happen."

So what does a boycott look like in 2021? For starters, you can see the list of the 200 companies yourself. One of the big names on it is Coca Cola. The next time you're at the market, you can make a mental note not to buy Coke products. PayPal is also on the list. The next time you need to make a transaction, how about using Venmo? Or if you're traveling, Delta airlines was high on the woke list. Usually there's not that much of a price difference for tickets, so you can just make the choice that you are not going to fly Delta.

The real problem area for many is sports. It started with the NFL and Colin Kapernick. Then it was the NBA supporting rioting and looting, while Lebron James continues his support of China. And now MLB has joined in by pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta and moving it to Denver, even though Colorado's voting laws are worse.

"I think the politicizing of sports is probably one of the greatest tragedies of our time" Kaminsky says.

It's a tough time, but the time is now for conservatives.

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