More Americans Chose to Retire Overseas

With retirement approaching, more Americans are looking at the options, which for some means crossing an ocean. About 13% of America’s retires currently are either living abroad or dreaming of it.

Kathleen Peddicord lives in Paris, when not residing in Panama, and publishes Live and Invest Overseas. She says to get started, close your eyes, and with your imagination fully engaged picture the ideal view from your bedroom window. And then give it a try.

“Americans are interested in Europe, infatuated with the Old World,” Peddicord says, reflecting the Continental bug she caught herself. We’ve grown up learning much of European history, and as a continent its possible to travel to many countries by train, boat or car. “And I would say the top place to consider right now is Portugal.” The beaches are the best in Europe, the climate is close to ideal, the people very gracious and friendly, and the cost of living highly reasonable, she advises.

“The average Social Security check right now is just about $1,500.There are at least a dozen countries, and more specific locations…cities, beaches, towns, where $1,500 buys a very nice comfortable lifestyle.” Top choice for most Americans is to stay in our hemisphere but to head south, Mexico the top destination but Central American countries like Panama presenting inviting options as well.:

The 2021 Annual Global Retirement Index lists these are the top ten distinations:The 2021 Annual Global Retirement Index lists these are the top ten destinations:

10. Vietnam

9. Malta

8. France

7. Malaysia

6. Equador

5. Portugal

4. Colombia

3. Mexico

2. Panama

1. Costa Rica

photo: Getty Images

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