Texas Lawmakers Considering Tax District to Build “Ike Dike”

The Texas Legislature could soon take a first step to building what some have called an “Ike Dike”. State lawmakers are considering a couple of bills that would create a taxing district in our area to pay for upkeep of a storm surge barrier in Galveston Bay.

A coastal barrier has been talked about since 2008's Hurricane Ike. Now, Texans are pressing federal authorities to build the “Ike Dike” to protect our Gulf Coast. State Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) says his bill would support swinging gates across the entrance to Galveston Bay and a new levee system.

“This has the potential to change the history of our area. I can tell you the folks I spoke with at the Army Corps [of Engineers] are very supportive of this project. They see the benefit,” Taylor said.

Senate Bill (SB) 1160 would create the Gulf Coast Protection District (GCPD), which would cover Chambers, Galveston, Harris, Jefferson, and Orange counties.

Most of the cost would be paid for by the federal government. However, about 35 percent, or six billion dollars, would have to come locally. Any taxes levied would have to be approved by voters.

“You look at Louisiana last summer, they had three or four major storms? That could have been us. This storm barrier would pay for itself over and over again,” Taylor explained. “It would be a multiplier of savings on how much it costs us to build it.”

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