Biden to Let More Foreign Workers In

President Biden's new decision will undo the ban on visas that supply High Tech companies with cheaper, foreign workers. He plans to reverse former President Trump's ban on the H-1B visa which is used by tech companies to hire foreign coders and engineers. Immigration expert Ira Mehlman says it's not just the left. "This is both the American Left and Big Business which for years has tried to by-pass American workers in favor of cheaper workers from abroad." Mehlman thinks this conflicts with Biden's campaign claims of being the friend of the American Worker! "On the far left you have an ideology that we want to take in as many people as we can. 'Just get people here!' There seems to be a preference of immigrants over Americans in every respect. "

"The previous administration logically said, 'We don't have a need for numbers of guest workers now' - so they put a freeze on it. But now the current administration is coming in to remove all those safeguards. This despite Joe Biden has said that he is the friend of the American Working Man." Mehlman adds: " Tech companies are also in favor of hiring cheaper foreign workers, and these two groups together create a strong lobby."

Ira Mehlman is with The Federation for American Immigration Reform.

photo: Getty

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