Is Covid Commuting Almost Back To Normal Here In Texas?

In case you didn't notice, newsflash. Traffic is back!

Here in Houston, we haven't missed a beat. You hear it every morning from our own Sky Mike.

What is surprising? Some big money media agencies are claiming that 38% of U.S. workers are working from home every day, while only 33% are back on the roads commuting.

That is a huge discrepancy from what the U.S. Federal Reserve is reporting, that actually 60% of U.S. workers are commuting, with only 24% working from home. And again, those numbers are probably even more lopsided here in Houston.

Alan Pisarski, well known Transportation Consultant told KTRH that people driving in cars is at 90% of where we were pre-pandemic. That's a lot. "In fact, it's the only mode of transportation that's close."

Most people feel more safe being isolated in their own vehicles, compared to public transportation which is still down dramatically.

Pisarski believes those numbers will soon start to bounce back. But even as more people get out and get vaccinated, cars, RV's, and campers are going to be the preferred choice over the summer.

And back to the traffic, it just depends on where you live. "If you live in Manhattan you might be saying where the hell is everybody"? Pisarski says.

Here in Houston? Traffic is definitely back.

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