Bill To Keep Churches Open During Disasters - Faces Texas House Committee

Some good news on this 'Good Friday'.

Not only will churches be open to full capacity for Easter here in Texas. But there is new proposal that could go into law that will prevent them from being shut down in the future.

The Texas state senate passed the Freedom to Worship act in a landslide 28-2. The bill would prevent state and local officials from closing churches in the future.

And after also making through the senate, HB 1239 will now head to the House for final approval. That bill would prevent any government order to stop worship services.

Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values told KTRH, "It's a really nice gift on Holy week. We're just a few steps away from this becoming law."

Once the bills make it through the House, they will go to Governor Abbott's desk to be signed into law.

"We're going to experience in Texas an Easter that is different from last year" Saenz says.

And for those who don't agree with the bills? or don't think church services are safe? "That's their freedom to choose that, but let the church and people of faith decide on their own."

Saenz says it's nice to be able to look forward to Easter Sunday. "I'm looking forward to going with my family, getting together, going to church, and being able to go to the source that really for many people is essential and is just as important as food and water."

Most churches will still offer their services to view on-line.

Definitely great news, on Good Friday!

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