Shoppers Are Returning - Including Here In Houston

It has been a little over 3 weeks since Governor Greg Abbott re-opened Texas to 100%.

The results? Hospitalization rates are at a 3 month low, the Covid positivity rate is below 5%, and if that's not enough? Houston has made a new Top 10 list!

According to a study from Zenreach, Houston is one of ten locations in the U.S. where consumers are doing the most in-store shopping.

Megan Wintersteen, V.P. for Zenreach told KTRH, "There's a lot of optimism, the vaccine rollout has been going well, the weather is improving, and Covid cases have been on the decline. So all of that combined with pent up demand for normalcy is absolutely what is driving this."

Houston has seen an increase of 35% of in-store shopping, which is significantly higher than the statewide boost in Texas which is only 15%.

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