Today's workforce is so much different than pre-Covid,

Retail and hospitality industry layoffs, lockdowns, kids at home all day, remote working - it's all a part of the "new face of work." Working in another time zone from your employer will be common predicts Bhushan Sethi. Sethi of Price-Waterhouse-Cooper says besides I.T. professionals, employers are looking for people with transferable skills who are willing to be trained no matter where they live. "We are seeing a lot of organizations that are willing to re-skill their own staff as well as re-skilling new-hires coming from other sectors."

He sees companies where hiring managers are looking for transferable skills from candidates from other industries that laid them off. He says fore example, companies are transforming retail and hospitality workers to customer service reps - which are in high demand. Employers are also changing their compensation packages to reflect new Covid-era values. "Beyond traditional cash rewards we're seeing a lot of other factors. The main new currency is TIME. People now want to use their time for things that are meaningful to them like family, travel and volunteering."

Industries like delivery, gardening and baking suppliers, tutoring, and all things customer service are hiring.

Sethi says to use your imagination and courage when looking for your next career. "You should talk about how your skills will match those in the prospective employer or how you will invest in that learning."

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Customer Service profession is growing

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