Some White Republicans Are Refusing To Get The Covid 19 Vaccine

The anti-conservative narrative continues. Even in Texas.

According to a new poll in the left leaning Texas Tribune, white Republicans are refusing to get the vaccine more than any other group in the state.

Dr. Brian Joondeph, who writes for American Thinker told KTRH, he's not really surprised. "Unfortunately, everything's been politicized."

It's hard to dispute. From '15 days to slow the spread', to 'no masks', and then 'masks', 'double masks', and now the vaccine, the goal-post keeps changing.

"This is a power grab" Joondeph says, "and that's what people are understandably concerned about."

The Tribune poll shows that 59% of Republicans in Texas said they are reluctant to get the vaccine, or would refuse it outright. The survey was conducted last month.

Dr. Joondeph, who opted to take the vaccine himself believes that we can still get to herd immunity even without everyone getting a shot. He also says that receiving the vaccine should be voluntary, not forced.

"People are resistant. We have an over-reaching government as it is. What happened to my body my choice?"

And as Joondeph also points out, "I think it's a personal choice, and hey if masks work? what's the difference if you the get vaccine or not?"

It also raises another question. What about all the cries we hear from local leaders on making sure the vaccine is distributed equally? Are we sure it's just white Republicans who don't want the vaccine? Or is this really just another attempt by a liberal news outlet to bash conservatives?


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