It's Called The Biden Border Blame Game

A little two months into the Joe Biden presidency, a pattern has emerged. If something good happens take credit for it. Something bad? Blame Trump.

Case in point, the crisis at the border.

Even though the Biden administration still refuses to call it a 'crisis' doesn't change the fact that is. Just like trying to block not only the media, but U.S. Senators from taking pictures! Doesn't change what's really going on.

"It's just outrageous that they can actually say the things they are saying considering their past history" says political analyst Jared Woodfill who also told KTRH the Democrats have a lot of nerve.

"There's no accountability, and no recognition for the truth! It's hypocrisy at it's finest."

It's called the Biden Border Blame Game. It's pretty simple. You take credit for Covid, and blame Trump for the border.

Woodfill wonders, "where is the transparency they promised? why is the media not outraged?"

Great questions, with not so great answers. The decision to put V.P. Kamala Harris in charge hasn't worked to well. And neither has the attempt to hide everything.

Plus, while the mainstream pushes Biden's blame of Trump, the authorities who actually work the border say that under Biden, things have decreased dramatically.

While some would say how the Democrats actually have the audacity to try and blame Donald Trump, Jared Woodfill says, "they're blaming Trump for just about everything, but they won't give him credit for anything."

The question now is, who will get to the border first? Biden? Or Trump?

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