Restaurants Having Trouble Finding Workers

Bandaids on the upper arms and grateful for a return to normalcy many people are heading back out for dinner at their favorite restaurant. They may be disappointed by the service.

Restaurants are having trouble filling all their positions, especially in the back of the house, as Americans enjoy the benefits of their recently arrived $1,400 federal stimulus check.

Covid has been especially hard for those working in food service jobs, especially the uncertainty of unexpected changes like closing down altogether or limited occupancy requirements that evaporated lucrative tips. Whether front of the house, back, or owner, 2020 has been stressful, and 2021 isn’t getting better quickly.

The labor market is highly competitive now.

The Dish Society in West U is offering new workers a $100 bonus, and offering a $100 finders fee for employees who refer friends for openings.

The SBA is rolling out a $28 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund, providing funds to cover revenue loss, expected to begin next week.

photo: Getty Images

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