The Democrat Party Has Declared War On America

You've probably heard them in passing? Or maybe even amongst your friends and family.

"We should just split the country in half", or "we're heading towards another civil war".

They're kind of funny and silly, until they're not.

The way things have started so far under the Biden administration, some believe that the Democrats have declared war on America.

In the past, it was a difference of opinion, maybe even a different world view or philosophy. Now? it's a full blown imposition of their will. And radical left agenda. There is no secret, there is no hiding. It's all out now in the open for everyone to see.

Michael Johns, political analyst and former Presidential speech writer told KTRH, "Liberalism has failed this country in just about every respect, and now is a moment when I think the country is looking for conservatives, and the Republican party."

And so here we are in 2021, and Johns says "In that sense, yes it's a war on America."

So how did we get here? It's been a gradual growing of the left's radical ideals. Another issue Johns says is real leadership. "I think we have a leadership crisis in the country" Johns says. "Trump remains a very important political force. I think he needs a lot of support and I think that support is out there."

One thing that has been missing? GOP unity. Forget Biden's bogus call to try and bridge the aisle. Johns says that while the Republican party is filled with components of greatness and even brilliance, "It's not functioning operationally, and we need to hit the reset button."

In the meantime, the Democrats are moving forward with the 'great reset', a national plan of combatting white privilege, racism, and wealth distribution.

Hopefully for Republicans, it's not too late. The war is underway.

The U.S. House Of Representatives Convenes 117th Congress

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