How Much The Border Crisis Is Costing You

Not only does the Biden administration not want to acknowledge the border crisis. They definitely do not want you to know how much it is costing us.

According to reports, U.S. taxpayers are spending for than $5 million dollars -a day- to take care of illegal immigrants. That covers food, shelter, day care, and even legal assistance.

Once the illegal migrants are cleared, they are being bused to cities around the country. And many of them are deciding to stay put here in Texas.

Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies told KTRH, "If the average American knew the true cost, they would be calling the White House screaming."

One study finds we will spend over $50 billion on the border this year! And that includes an estimated $400 a night hotel bill for migrant families.

Making matters worse, Texans are picking up most of the tab. "That is where so many of the new illegal arrivals are coming" Vaughan says. "Texas has a good economy and that's what they're attracted to. The Houston area, San Antonio, and other places in Texas."

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