Say Goodbye to those $30 Plane Tickets

It's getting harder to find cheap airline ticket. With thousands of people being vaccinated every day, vacation destinations are opening up and the demand for air travel supply is surging...which means ticket prices are rising. Shayla Northcutt of Northcutt Travel says prices will continue to increase. "Pricing increasing as people get back to normal. The airline prices are definitely increasing as vacation and tourism spots are beginning to open up. So if you're thinking of planning your summer vacation - now is the time to book it, before prices rise even more!"

Northcutt says hotel pricing will probably go up shortly - so enjoy them now. "Hotel pricing and costs are still relatively low. We're not seeing a huge increase in those rates." Northcutt says her clients are ready to get out and many are already booking trips for the winter holidays.

She says there are still a few bargains out there and an agent can help you find them.

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Flight Ticket Prices Rising

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