Even the CDC says Kids Should be in School

The CDC says Virtual School is causing isolation and stress problems with students and their parents. Their study points out kids lacking physical movement and social interaction with peers are depressed and lonely and parents are suffering from the conflict between remote working while providing child care. Virtual school is bringing on a feeling of isolation in school children and is adding stress to their parents, according to findings from the CDC. They say the isolation is unnecessary if face masks and common sense are used in the classroom. Clinical Psychologist Dr. John Huber agrees. "We're social animals and we thrive being with other people from the type of neurotransmitters our bodies release when we're around another person. That makes for healthy persons!"

Schools will Report Cases in Classrooms

Dr. Huber says parents are worn out by working remotely themselves while they provide child care. The CDC researchers actually say "virtual instruction might present more risks than does in-person instruction related to child and parental mental and emotional health." Huber says he sees it in his practice. "We used to talk about 1 in 5 people need some sort of mental health support. There are reports now that since the regulations went in for Covid - nearly 55% of our population is suffering." Dr. Huber says he and his family routinely put on their masks, go outside and get some moderate exercise with friends. It has helped them all.

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Virtual Learning can bring on Child Loneliness

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