"Much Ado About Nothing" at Houston's Galleria

Houston Police say it was much ado about nothing today at the Galleria (Mall).

Saturday afternoon (3-20-2021) Houston police responded to a reported disturbance at the Galleria. There were reports of gunshots being fired and people running over each other at the Galleria on social media. People were running from the mall - thinking a violent incident happened near the Macy's location.

Police searched the area thoroughly and after an hour or so, current Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo announced they found nothing to report. There was no evidence found of a shooting or any other disturbance. The situation was stable, said the Chief, and they found no shoppers with any injuries.

No one at the scene is speculating where the false reports originated.

photo: Getty

Current HPD Chief Art Acevedo discussing non-event.

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