Hey Conservatives: It's Time To Stop Whining And Take Action

For Democrats and Joe Biden, it's the border crisis. For Republicans? Apparently it's RINO's!

Now that Donald Trump is no longer in Washington, instead of gearing up for the midterms of 2022, it's the gold ol' days for many in the GOP, getting comfortable in the swamp.

We knew the Democrats were going to want and get some things done after taking control, but the way their ramming things through has been -out- of control!

Republican strategist Vlad Davidiuk told KTRH, "We can refer to them as RINO's, we're not seeing any kind of resistance or fight from the Republican side, considering how slim the majority is."

And we will see if that resistance shows up when the Democrats try and pass the next items on their radical list, like H.R.1 and the 'equality act'.

In the meantime, Davidiuk says Republicans need to come together not only to unify as a party, but also to get ready for next year, and start representing the millions of conservatives that have voted them into office.

"A lot of these Republicans don't seem to want to take up that mantle of being the opposition, being the resistance, being the voice of the American people against this socialist onslaught, and it's disappointing."

Unfortunately, it's the return of the swamp.

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