Warning for Summer Vacation Flyers

If you’re planning to jet off to some destination for a vacation soon as air travel begins to pick up you might want to invest in tickets soon.

“If anyone is planning on traveling anytime the rest of this year, or even early next year, you might go ahead and buy your tickets in advance so you’ll be protected against any future price increase,” offers iHeartRadio aviation expert Jay Ratliff.

Blame it on Zoom. Teleconferencing skills developed during the pandemic of the past year, which has cost the airline industry $35 billion in losses, may lead to a drastic decline in the number of business travelers, and that’s likely to cause a hike in fares for vacationing families.

But after a long spell on the ground, the airline industries are primed for takeoff and are hoping spring break numbers portend well for what is to come as more people get vaccinated. “For the first time since the pandemic, we have we had seven days where every single day we had a report from the TSA that more than a million people were screened in a day,” says Ratliff.

The low point for airlines was April 14, 2020, during Easter weekend, when less than 100,000 passengers went through screening. But fasten your seatbelt and return you tray table to an upright and locked position.We hope to be taking off soon.

photo: Getty Images


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