Conservatives Considering Dropping Amazon After Reports of Censorship

Some conservatives are taking a step back from the world's largest online retailer amid accusations of censorship.

Amazon has raised eyebrows recently after removing books from its online store, deplatforming the social media app Parler, and blocking a documentary about Justice Clarence Thomas through its streaming service. Some conservatives have canceled their accounts, but many still use Amazon.

“People need to think really hard and decide is it worth the sacrifice to make sure that they’re not continuing to support bullying by large corporations like Amazon,” Political analyst Felicia Cravens told KTRH.

Craven argues competition is the best solution, but she says it's vital to voice your concerns when any company attempts to silence individuals over their opinions.

“People have a hard time switching tech. You change a particular feature on Facebook and then people lose their minds,” Cravens added. “But the most important thing is for people to speak out. You have to defend someone’s right to say that, because they will come for you next.”

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