Why Good Teachers Are Saying Enough Is Enough

If you think 'cancel culture' and big tech censorship is bad for politicians and celebrities? Try being a conservative teacher!

The radical left agenda, and being 'woke' has taken over most public schools. It is now the front-line for our nation.

Is it education? or indoctrination? Education expert Jean Burk told KTRH, "It's so bad, the good teachers are leaving" she says. "The teachers are being indoctrinated, the kids are being indoctrinated, being forced to take classes on how horrible they are and why they have privilege."

They call it DEI. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. But it's a program that many strong teachers do not believe in, which is why they are opting out, or taking jobs at private schools.

The pandemic pushed 'home school' numbers to a new high. But Burk warns parent that want to shelter their kids are the next target.

"Now the government is going to go after home schooling" Burk says. "It was fine and dandy when it wasn't messing with their school system. But now that it's effecting the money and the budget? make no mistake, they're coming after us as well."

On a positive note, Burk believes being a conservative teacher can be the equivalent of a modern day 'mission field'.

Hopefully more conservatives will answer the call. The battle has begun.

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