Will we need a "vaccine passport" to get on a plane now?

Americans are beginning to fly again - and much of it is NOT for business. I Heart Media Airline Expert Jay Ratliff says international airlines are using a so-called Covid Passport that allows passengers who have tested negative for the virus within 72 hours of boarding or have had proof of sufficient vaccinations to fly from country to country. "As we were seeing this spread through Europe, the question soon became, 'Should we consider doing this domestically in the United States?' "

One problem is that the proof of vaccine can be easily forged. The other is that airlines know many American travelers will see this as a Big Brother move or just may not want to be vaccinated. Airlines abroad cater to passengers who fly from country to country. Airlines that fly only in the U.S. say too many Americans won't get a vaccine and many don't want one more document in order to fly. Ratliff shares his opinion. "The airlines can kinda dictate the the airline covid bail-out package exactly what they want and need. Because the airlines are against it, and usually get what they want, I suspect that we won't see it come to pass.

Add in fraud experts say the vaccine and test cards are easy to copy and fake ones are being sold online.

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Covid Vaccine Proof

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