Elections: The GOP Path Moving Forward

The Democrats passage of the massive Covid relief bill is yet another reminder for Republicans.

Unity will be key for the GOP in 2022.

Considering the Dems currently have razor thin margins in the House, and the Senate, Republicans are pretty confident as they count down to the 2022 midterms.

Florida Senator Rick Scott recently said on Fox, "The Republican civil war is cancelled."

Scott was referring to an alleged rift in the GOP that finds the majority still firmly behind Donald Trump, and then a small group of 'Rino's' (Republican -In-Name-Only) who are comfortable in the swamp in Washington.

Conservative filmmaker Amanda Milius moved to Washington from L.A. to try and shine a light of truth. And after working briefly for the Trump administration, Milius put together a very well done documentary film "The Plot Against The President" , based on the russian hoax. And surprisingly, the movie has not been refuted by the left, or pulled by Amazon. In an interview with Breitbart Milius said, "The left likes to whine about it, but I haven't heard a single argument about it yet. It actually happened."

Milius also agrees that unity is key. "Elections are not won and lost in the days during an election, but in between elections" she said.

The battle has already begun. Now that the Covid deal is done, the Democrats are coming after your guns, and your votes, with H.R. 1.

Senator Rick Scott says that those issues will also be key for the GOP, "In 2022 we're going to vote on job growth, secure borders, law enforcement, and school choice. That's why we're going to win."

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