Biden Finally Speaks

He still won't take any questions, but President did finally give his first primetime speech and was happy to take the credit for the vaccine rollout which was actually set in motion by Donald Trump.

The speech lasted :25 minutes, and was adored by the mainstream media. But some outlets, including the New York Times believe it or not, called out Biden for not acknowledging 'operation warp speed' and Trump.

Biden did say he plans to ramp up the vaccine distribution, calling for all adult Americans to receive a shot or be on the list for one by May 1. The goal is "virus independence" before July 4, where maybe, we can have small gatherings again. But only if we continue to wear our masks and socially distance. If not? Biden warned, "we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track."

Biden also made sure to take a shot at Donald Trump for his vaccine handling, while also calling on America again for "unity", even if the Democrats don't actually practice it themselves.

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