New Poll: Confidence Lower in Biden Administration On China Relations

Several top members of the Biden administration will hold their first diplomatic meeting with their Chinese counterparts next week. However, many doubt China will be held accountable under this White House.

The Biden team has a lot on their plate for the meeting to potentially discuss: a trade war, sanctions, human rights issues, and Taiwan to name a few. A new Pew Research Center survey finds fewer Americans have confidence in Joe Biden to handle relations with China. While 60 percent of Americans have confidence in him to deal with world affairs in general, confidence on China drops to 53 percent.

“The former administration kept all of the different issues separate from one another, whereas, the incoming administration was more likely to start linking things like economics, security, and human rights dynamics,” Rodger Baker, a strategic analyst for Stratfor, a RANE Company, said.

It's a different approach, but Baker doesn't expect China's communist government to change their attitude overnight.

“They’ve determined that these are purely internal dynamics they need to deal with about their own country,” Baker added. “Their responses are going to be the typical types of responses in saying ‘Leave us alone’. ’Deal with your own internal problems before you deal with ours.’”

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