Do We Have Too Many Laws?

Even though the U.S. Supreme Court failed to do their job by closing their eyes to the unconstitutional election fraud (it is their job to make sure that the constitution is upheld, which they did not), Justice Neil Gorsuch has spoken out.

Not about the election, but about how we have too many laws!

While issuing a ruling, Gorsuch warned that not only do we have too many laws, there is a danger that it will make criminals out of well meaning citizens.

Bryan Preston, political analyst of PJ Media told KTRH, "He's obviously right. We're over-lawed, and over-lawyered. Good for Justice Gorsuch for noticing it, and calling it out."

And the issue of too many laws is not just a national problem.

Here in Texas we currently have over 1,700 criminal offenses on the books! Preston says "1,700 is too many, and it's too many for Texans to track."

Too much government, and oppressive rules are not what America is supposed to be about, and definitely not what Texas believes in.

Preston says the time has come for Texas lawmakers to take a look at some of these laws.

"It should get the legislatures attention. Now they have a lot on their plate right now, but they need to look at this too. They need to detach the laws and free us up" Preston says.

Didn't we used to refer to America as 'the land of the free'?

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