Takeout and Delivery Orders Not As Widespread As Many Thought

Many of us are still working from home. However, a new study finds there aren't nearly as many people ordering out for food as you may have thought.

The pandemic has made takeout and delivery central to people’s lives. However, you might be surprised to learn a large number of Americans haven't ordered out at all. A poll by Invisibly found 56 percent of respondents abstained from home delivery within the last 12 months. Why? Money is one reason.

“It’s five, ten, fifteen, up to 20 dollars even. They’re also taking a chunk out of what restaurants are able to get. I think it’s just not that easy when suddenly the price of your meal jumps a huge fraction. It may not be worth it for a lot of people,” Dr. Don Vaughn, with Invisibly Realtime Research, said.

Vaughn says it's young people who tend to order out. 18-24 year-olds accounted for 59 percent of takeout or delivery orders. He says older Americans are getting a lot of their food from the grocery store.

Other highlights from the poll:

- Only 44% ordered takeout or delivery during the past 12 months

- Only 43% had the ability to work from home during the pandemic.

- 62% of orders were from people earning between $60k-$90k a year, but surprisingly, 54% of orders were from people with income between $0-$30k a year.

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