More Broken Promises From The Democrats

March has arrived, and maybe your checks will soon too.

Despite zero votes from Republicans in the Senate, and 3 Democrats voting against it in Congress, Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package passed, even though only 9% of it is actually towards Covid relief.

Absent from the bill? The $15 minimum wage that Biden promised, among other things. Former Houston congressman Ted Poe told KTRH, "it's another example of why generally people are cynical of politicians when they are running for office. They promise things they don't deliver." Remember Biden before the election on the campaign trail? He vowed that once he took office, "the checks would go out the door". That was two months ago. And as Poe points out it's a stark contrast from the previous administration. "People can say what they want about President Trump, but what he promised when he ran he delivered."

Now that the bills has finally passed, hopefully those checks will finally go out soon. But Poe says the Democrats cannot continue to break their promises, and overplay their hand.

President Biden Meets With Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau

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